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Why Nuts and Buries?

2 Jan

Well, I’m a little crazy. Clinically depressed. ADD. I doubt that I would be ‘normal’ if I didn’t have those issues, but it helps. That would be the nuts bit.

Buries? Well, I imagine my own death a lot. Not suicide, though I have been suicidal. More on that in a later blog. My current idea is that I’m going to die of For about the last 6 months, whenever I’ve been upset, my head trembles. Also, I often hear a sound in my neck, as if silt is going through a pipe. Yes, I hear a sound in my neck (please refer to paragraph one). This leads me, thanks to internet research, to get the idea I have Huntington’s disease.

My MD says it’s due to nerves, the head shaking, but what does she know, she just has a medical degree and years of experience.

So yes, I am my father’s daughter. My adoptive father. I guess I’m my biological father’s daughter too, but I have issues with that. More on that later. It will be the one year anniversary of his death in a few days. More on that, also, later.