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Still not dead.

8 Jan

Right after my last appointment with Cancercare, I got a letter almost immediately saying to come in. I thought my smear or blood test had bad results. This set me up for a whole Christmas season of worry. I was unduly grumpy. It could have been a better Christmas.

In 2008 I found out I had cervical cancer. I had a hysterectomy, kept my ovaries, no chemo, no radiation. I got off freakin’ lucky. I thought this was finally it, I really was going to die, and all of my fantasy deaths would be for naught.

When I got there, as it turns out, the Dr. used the wrong shorthand. Instead of 4 months for the next appointment, he put 4 weeks.

Why am I not upset? Simple. I don’t have cancer. I can go on to have all the imaginary deaths I desire!